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From time to time we come across things that customers either send or reference us to. Some of the items are interesting and some not.  In the interest of all to experience these pleasures, I have set aside this page for those who are curious to find out what else is out there. 


As you travel on the net, and you find things of interest and would like to share them with others, send me an E-Mail with the link to the page, and if it's pretty good, we'll post it on this page, along with who submitted it for others to share.


If a link fails, please E-Mail me and let me know so I can remove or correct it.  Thank You!


WhizZards bears no responsibility or liability to the accuracy, virus possibility, programs downloaded or the reliability of information, programs or anything else that might come up when you visit the sites below.  To be honest with you, you should never trust or believe everything or anything you see, do, read, encounter or experience on the internet.


            And Beware, Big Brother IS watching you..............

Visit the Thinking Page.

A page that allows you to think because you don't really do anything but move 

your mouse around on either of two frames on the page.

Geis Page


I call it this to honor a person who I believe is addictive to this stuff!

Found this on my colleague's web page and as he, I wish I had thought of this.

Last Page on the Internet